Spada Roma, Italian tailoring with a contemporary soul
Expression of the unique elegance of the Made in Italy style, in 2007 the brand Spada Roma was acquired by the Colella family, an entrepreneurial reality operating in the textile and clothing sector for more than 50 years.
A perfect fusion between the long tradition of Italian tailoring and the latest trends in contemporary men's fashion, Spada Roma, through fine fabrics and accurate workmanship, gives life to timeless clothing.

Emblem of classic and easy chic style, for modern gentlemen
Each Spada Roma collection result from constant creative research, which, combined with a meticulous selection of yarns, offers modern gentlemen clothing with a sober and refined taste, characterized by exceptional versatility and comfort. Shirts, knitwear, outerwear, trousers, accessories, and footwear are made with passion and attention to detail, following an artisanal philosophy that draws inspiration from the past, reinterprets the classic garments through a fresh aesthetic addressed to a cosmopolitan man who desires an impeccable easy chic look.

A brand with an ever-evolving history, to discover both in the physical boutique and in the virtual one
Since its foundation, the brand Spada Roma has grown by widening the number of sales points that are still expanding. Each of the sixteen stores currently present throughout Italy has a unique atmosphere that welcomes the customer in a quiet and familiar ambience. A place where to perceive the style of Spada, its ability to express and excite through fashion, the accuracy in the garments positioning, and the attention to every detail of the shopping experience. As much in the physical boutique as in the virtual one, that waits to be explored and discovered.

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