Abiti da cerimonia uomo: guida alla scelta

Men's wedding suits: guide to choosing

Men's wedding suits: how to choose the right one based on the occasion and the context? Here is a small guide to orient yourself

Formal suits are a fundamental element in every man's wardrobe: it happens to everyone during the year to be invited and have to participate in important events such as weddings, baptisms, gala dinners and ceremonies of various kinds.

In these cases, the right dress can really make the difference. However, the choice can be a difficult undertaking: how to find the perfect dress based on the occasion and context, without neglecting your own personal concept of elegance?

Spada Roma guides you in choosing the perfect wedding dress: read on to find out more!

Difference between day dresses and evening dresses

Let's start with the basics. Formal dresses are divided into two main categories: day dresses and evening dresses . Day dresses are more formal than casual dresses, but less formal than evening dresses: they are perfect to wear on any occasion, including ceremonies, as long as they clearly take place during the day.

The classic dress is a clear example of a day dress , which stands out for its simple cut and versatility. Among the day dresses we can also include the double-breasted dress , which is a dress with an elegant and sophisticated design, perfect for more formal occasions .

The tuxedo , on the other hand, is the evening dress par excellence: characterized by the shawl collar and fabric buttons, the tuxedo it is the perfect choice for an evening event and for gala occasions .

Formal suits for men: how to choose fabrics

The choice of wedding dress fabric is just as important as the choice of model. The most commonly used fabrics for formal wear include wool, cotton and linen . The cool wool , for example, is a light and breathable fabric that lends itself well to being worn even in summer .

Among the most popular alternatives we find cotton , soft and breathable, which also adapts well to all seasons , and linen , a light and fresh fabric that lends itself particularly well to summer ceremonial dresses .

The patterns of the men's ceremonial suit

Textures and patterns are also important and can make the difference in choosing a wedding dress. The solid color dress it is an always winning, safe and classic option, suitable for any occasion. The pinstripe suit , on the other hand, has a thin striped pattern that is ideal for giving a more lively touch to the look, especially if combined with light colors and less usual fabrics, as in our linen proposal.

Other valid options are:

  • the pied de poule , whose pattern evokes the shape of a chicken's foot which gives the suit a sophisticated look, as in this cool wool suit
  • the prince of wales , a checked pattern that stands out for its refinement, ideal for giving your look an elegant touch, as in this blue suit , also in fresh wool.

Whatever your choice, always remember that the perfect dress must not only be elegant and appropriate to the situation, but must also reflect your tastes and be comfortable when you wear it.

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