Free Shipping throughout Europe for orders over £77

Free Shipping throughout Europe for orders over £77

Buy now, pay later, with Klarna.

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Buy now, pay later with Klarna on Spada Roma!

Payments with Klarna on Spada Roma:

The comfortable and flexible choice

We are excited to introduce the Klarna payment method, which offers you more flexibility and convenience during the checkout process. With Klarna, you can make payments in installments, defer the payment later or even pay immediately by bank transfer or credit card. It's an easy way to manage your budget and tailor payments to suit your needs.

How does Klarna work on Spada Roma?

Choosing Klarna as a payment method on Spada Roma is simple and intuitive. During checkout, when you get to the payment section, select the "Klarna" option as your preferred payment method. You will then be redirected to the Klarna website to complete the transaction. Once on the Klarna website, you will have several options at your disposal:

Using Klarna as a payment method on Spada Roma offers many advantages:

  1. Payment flexibility : Klarna allows you to tailor payments to your financial possibilities. You can choose to pay immediately or spread the amount in comfortable installments.
  2. Simplicity : The payment process with Klarna is intuitive and fast, allowing you to complete your purchase without complications.
  3. Financial Management : Klarna gives you a clear and detailed view of your payments, allowing you to track your expenses and better manage your budget.

Important note

It is important to note that the payment option with Klarna may not be available for all orders or may be subject to approval by Klarna