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Camicia, un classico intramontabile

Shirt, a timeless classic

The shirt is an inevitable element in the male wardrobe - and not only. Let's find out all the types, colors and 2022 models of a classic but at the same time versatile garment

There shirt it's a evergreen garment , which absolutely must not be missing in a men's wardrobe - and not only. Come on more classic and elegant models , in textured cotton and in the traditional white and blue colors, to the slightly more casual ones, with striped or floral patterns , there really is something for everyone!

Let's explore the history of this garment together, the different ones models and types of shirts which stand out above all on the basis of the collar and fabrics, and then get to the present day and discover what are the trendy colors and patterns in 2022.

The classic shirt: an ancient garment

To some it might sound strange, but the shirt in its most classic cut born as undergarment , to be worn under tunics and jackets, with the most precious and worked fabrics.

It was only after the Middle Ages that the shirt began to be considered a precious garment: thanks to finesse of embroidery it was possible to trace the social background of the wearer and the nobility competed to show off shirts of increasing value.

In the last century, the classic shirt, with starched collar and cuffs , continues to be a symbol of an educated elite and, although contemporary fashion has transformed it into a casual and versatile garment, the shirt in its most classic and elegant models continues to be considered a garment for special occasions , to guarantee the male look an impeccable elegance and refinement.

Types of shirt: how to choose based on the details

When it comes to the types of shirts they are the details to make a difference.

Depending on collar type , but also of cuffs, cut and fabric , various shirt models can be distinguished, with different fits and even different occasions of use.

The collar it is one of the details that most modifies the appearance of a shirt. There are mainly 4 types:

  • Italian collar: the most classic of the various types of neck, it is characterized by a wide opening and closed tips.
  • French collar: formal, it is recognized by the tips facing outwards, to be chosen for elegant clothing.
  • button down collar: informal, it has two small buttons on the ends of the tips, it can also be worn open, without a tie, and is suitable for a casual look.
  • mandarin collar: without spikes, it completely changes the shirt turning it into an informal garment, even suitable for the beach.

THE cuffs they are less variable than collars.

Generally about 7cm high , must not touch the base of the thumb: this ensures that the shirt is the right size. Etiquette suggests that they stick out about 1cm from the jacket sleeve and that they are embellished with cufflinks when attending ceremonies and other events.

In more sporty fit shirts they can also be much shorter, in which case they lend themselves to being rolled up the arm to shorten the sleeve .

The cut is another element that can change the appearance of the shirt: the cut depends on the fit , what can be classic, slim or regular , to choose according to your needs and also to your physicality.

The tissue of a shirt, almost always cotton , it can really make a difference in terms of quality and softness of the garment . Generally thinner yarns also correspond to a higher quality and resistance of the garment, while the type of warp is responsible for the weft and design visible on the fabric.

The main fabrics used for the shirts are four:

  • Poplin: very resistant cotton fabric, also excellent for formal occasions.
  • Oxford: fabric made with colored and white yarns that give a dotted look.
  • Piquet: fine fabric, with a characteristic embossed appearance, it is very elegant and refined.
  • Twill: fabric difficult to crease thanks to the structure of the threads arranged diagonally.

Trend men's shirts: models and colors 2022

Stripes, floral patterns and timeless traditional colors: the classic shirts for 2022 there are so many, suitable for every need and for all tastes. Let's find out together.

The lines , protagonists of the summer, promise to resist also during the next autumn season. Strictly vertical, the dimensions range from micro to maxi, passing through a great variety of colors, in all shades of blue and light blue, up to multicolor .

The floral patterns come back in fashion again and dress in bold but opaque colors , dusty, more material, like the purple red, olive green and ultramarine blue .

The new fantasy shirts 2022 they are thus configured as a discreet and stylish choice, suitable for showing off one's personality and a certain refinement even on informal occasions.

THE colors remain classic , especially with the approach of the autumn season: after the pastel shades of summer, the shirts return to color with blue, light blue and white .

A choice that does not tire and that never turns out to be wrong, banal or out of place.

Find the shirt that's right for youhere.

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