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Intramontabile Polo: modelli e colori di tendenza

Timeless Polo:trendy models and colors

From sportswear to an icon of a casual yet elegant style. History of the polo shirt from its invention to today, 2022 trendy models and colors

If there is a men's clothing item - but we'd better say unisex - that never goes out of fashion, that is the Polo shirt .

With short or long sleeves, strictly in cotton, with 2, 3 or 4 buttons: the polo is a timeless classic , the item of clothing that describes the casual style par excellence.

Every year the polo is renewed by changing colors and patterns but not its essence: let's discover it together history, evolution over the decades and fashion colors of the new season 2022.

Polo history: birth and evolution

When you say Polo, you immediately think of the namesake english sport which is played on horseback, and with good reason. This type of shirt, albeit with some differences, was in fact, originally, the traditional shirt of polo players in nineteenth-century England.

It was during a trip to London that John Brooks, Henry's brother, officially recognized as the father of polo, noticed the details that still characterize this garment: the buttoned collar , the sleeves, long at the time, in cotton, hers undisputed quality given by an excellent workmanship .

Back in New York, John decided to reproduce this particular shirt by putting it up for sale in hiso small store in Manhattan . Thus it was that the Brooks brothers became the official creators of the first model of polo shirt .

In its first years of life the polo remained a sporty garment : in particular, René Lacoste had the intuition to create one to use during his tennis matches . Thus was born the polo as we know it today.

The rest is history.

From Fred Perry to Ralph Lauren , the polo shirt has been revisited over the years by many high fashion brands, chosen and loved by personalities in view of the caliber of Prince Charles or Frank Sinatra .

Polo nowadays: trendy models and colors

Today the polo is the casual garment par excellence , capable, by itself, of creating an entire look, based on refined elegance , never pretentious or excessive. Good taste, sobriety and good workmanship are the must-haves of this timeless garment, perfect in practically any season.

The polo shirt is today a symbol of onestate of mind, informal alternative to the shirt and icon of sporty chic style : for the man - and the woman - who know how to enjoy life appreciating the simplicity of a versatile, resistant and durable garment, without sacrificing aesthetics .

The Spada Roma polo shirt fully embrace this concept trying to satisfy all the expectations of its customers in terms of aesthetic taste, quality of yarns and breadth in the range of colors .

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