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Guida ai saldi invernali uomo 2023: quali capi acquistare?

Guide to men's winter sales 2023: which items to buy?

Buy a few but quality items, don't let yourself be enchanted by discounts to avoid wrong or useless purchases, choose beautiful, well-made, durable and always fashionable items. Here is our guide to the 2023 men's winter sales

THE winter sales are the ideal time to finally buy those garments whose purchase has been postponed for too long or to treat yourself to a long-desired garment that does not take priority over other more useful ones, whose purchase has always taken a back seat.

In fact, thanks to the discounts it is possible to obtain a interesting savings .

But that doesn't necessarily mean having to buy everything!

What to buy with the winter sales?

Even during sales, it is necessary know what to buy , to avoid doing wrong or useless purchases , because simply enticed by discounts.

Buying little and quality is a must that is part of our philosophy.

Sword Rome he carefully studies the design of each of his garments to make sure that it is elegant, classic and fashionable at the same time . So you can buy your favorite items today and have the certainty of being able to show them off even in the seasons to come, because they will always be current .

Discover your next purchases in our guide to men's winter sales 2023 !

Men's suits on sale 2023

Sales are the perfect time to buy a quality suit with an eye to savings.

The suit is one of those essential items in a man's wardrobe. Suitable and even necessary on multiple occasions, it's really impossible not to have it!

In the Spada Roma selection you will find suits in various colours, pinstripes and solid colours , in twill and pure wool flannel. You just have to choose your favorite and buy it with a 40% discount. Find them here .

Coats and jackets with winter sales

Outerwear is also a classic purchase to make during the winter sales: it is in fact one of the most expensive items in the men's wardrobe together with the suit and, like the latter, equally necessary.

Many are waiting for the sales to buy the elegant coat that was missing in their wardrobe, while many others take advantage of the discounts to buy a new jacket .

Spada Roma offers you the possibility to choose among many different outerwear proposals, from the classic coat to different jackets : sporty with a hood , field jacket model , a long jacket with waistcoat , perfect even in the most formal contexts, or a jacket suitable for public transport times, quilted or bomber model , in leather or suede .

Men's knitwear at discounted prices

Sweaters are perhaps the favorite purchase during the sales, especially for those who want to stock up, thus ensuring that their wardrobe is well stocked for years to come.

Spada Roma offers a wide selection of sweaters, suitable for all styles and for different climates, from cashmere blend turtlenecks , simple or worked with cables , to V-neck and crew neck sweaters , also both simple and ribbed , always in cashmere blend, passing through waistcoats and cardigans with buttons or zips , up to the more particular woven cardigans and sweaters with half zips , practical and versatile.

Jackets to buy on sale

Finally, the jacket . An indispensable classic, just like the suit, to have absolutely and to buy, why not, taking advantage of the discounts provided by the winter sales, perhaps daring a little more with a bright and unusual color, like the cornflower blue of this wool jacket carded or the green of this classic jacket model in pure wool .

Looking for other items on sale?

We are waiting for you on with lots of offers and discounts of up to 70% on all the items in the F/W 2023 collection.

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