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Men's Care: prendersi cura di sé è un must anche per lui. 5 consigli

Men's Care:taking care of yourself is a must for him too. 5 tips

Men's Care: 5 tips for him

The model of rude and neglected man who dominated in the last century is now a distant memory.

Today men also love to take care of themselves, and do it all-round, from physical to mental well-being..

1. Forget the lazy man , with bacon, unkempt beard and dull complexion, who comes home exhausted from the office and uncorks a beer in front of the TV.
Men's care begins

Men's care begins at table , from a correct and balanced diet, continues through sport, which allows you to take care first of all of your health and secondly of your physical appearance, and ends with the skincare , rigorously carried out with specific products for the care of beard, hair and men's skin.

Our first advice is to rely on a nutrition professional who can draw up a personalized food plan on your needs, to learn how to eat healthy, even if you don't strictly need to lose weight - and learn to feel the difference in terms of strength, concentration and general well-being..

2. Healthy eating goes hand in hand with physical movement: no sedentary life, modern man loves a dynamic life and sport .

To be practiced alone or in company, as a weekly after-work workout or as a real hobby during the weekend, sport in all its forms is a panacea for the mind and body, a truly indispensable practice, to be transformed into a good habit.

After sport, treat yourself to a moment of well-being with a regenerating shower and wear theSword Rome perfume, a perfect fragrance to accompany you throughout the day.

3. Finally, too skin And hair they need the right attention: the beauty routine for him is not only essential to look good cared for , but it's also a way to feel good about yourself and get back to liking yourself.

Our advice, for those who have never tried it, is to start softly by purchasing a men's beauty routine kit with scrub, serum and moisturizer, easy to use and quick to apply, to make even these simple gestures habitual..

The evening is the ideal time to dedicate yourself to relaxation: for the feeling of well-being to be complete and total, we recommend wearing one of ourcotton pajamas, warm, soft and breathable, to combine withfabric slippers, to never give up having an impeccable style.

4. So far we have talked about the body. But also the mind it needs attention. Learning to take time for yourself is just as important as taking care of your physical appearance.

Being able to carve out a moment to dedicate only to yourself, cultivating a hobby or a passion, away from domestic commitments , work and family, is essential to stay in balance. Also one hour a week that's enough: try to believe!

5. Last but not least, lo style . Taking care of yourself, your physical appearance and your image also means paying attention to your style, renewing your own wardrobe and pay attention to every look, for an always impeccable appearance. To please others, but above all to feel good with themselves.

A good idea is, also in this case, to start from the essential .

A self-respecting men's wardrobe cannot do without certain must-have items : asuit elegant and some more casual for work, acoat and a sportier vest, a fair amount ofshirts from the more classic ones to the sporty onespatterned or inflannel.

Let's not forget the protagonists of winter: cardigans, V-neck sweaters,crewneck sweaters and turtlenecks to always face the cold with perfect style.

Without neglecting the accessories : shoes, belts, ties, socks, scarves. The advice is to choose according to your tastes, also respecting your physicality and identifying the colors friends , which give and make the complexion stand out.

The goal must be to build a sort of wardrobe capsule in which each garment finds the perfect match, without ever being out of tune or out of place.

On Spada Roma, style and elegance rhyme with simplicity: we are waiting for you to shop for your must-have clothing, to start taking care of yourself starting with your outfits.
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