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Outfit per viaggi autunnali: 3 mete ideali per un weekend Spada Le Canarie

Autumn travel outfit: 3 ideal destinations for a weekend

Where to go in autumn for a weekend away? Here are our travel and clothing tips suitable for each destination.

Autumn has always been the ideal season to travel .

Not long stays, but short trips out of town, weekends in Italy or abroad to visit cities of art, small villages, jewels of architecture or interesting landscape destinations.

Here are our recommendations with 3 destinations and ideal outfits for a short autumn trip dedicated to culture and relaxation.

Relaxation, landscapes and the sea in the Canary Islands

Ideal destination for those who want to spend time outdoors and enjoy breathtaking landscapes. Located off the north-western coast of Africa, the Canary Islands enjoy a mild climate in autumn, which often exceeds 20 degrees.

For this reason they are a very popular destination at this time of year, also because they allow you to strip off your almost winter clothes to fill your suitcase with lighter clothes.

What to pack?

You will definitely need a bathing suit, but also a light and comfortable jacket, like this Saharan jacket , to use during excursions and to protect you from the cool of the evening: in fact, there is a fair difference in temperature between night and day, so the perfect solution is to pack a smart suitcase , with cotton shirts and polo shirts but also a sweater , a gilet or a cardigan , which allows you to dress in layers.

For a hit and run weekend it will be possible to travel light, replacing trolleys and suitcases with a smaller and more compact bag, like this one in canvas , which can also be taken directly with you on the plane.

Architecture and Christmas atmosphere in Bruges

On the other hand, those who love the architecture and urban scenarios typical of northern Europe cannot fail to love Bruges , a small pearl of Flanders overlooking the North Sea, in the western part of Belgium, where you can savor the excellent typical cuisine and let yourself be enchanted by the decidedly Christmas atmosphere , even in autumn.

What to pack?

The ideal clothing for this destination is typically winter: at those latitudes, autumn can also be very cold . Furthermore, the humidity coming from the sea requires you to protect yourself with a warm jacket , preferably with a hood , wool blend , flannel or velvet trousers and cashmere sweaters, even with high necks , or padded sweaters, like this cardigan with Alcantara inserts , for those who really afraid of the cold.

Minimalists will be able to fit everything they need in a travel bag : this tartan bag is perfect, which with its characteristic texture is suitable for winter looks. Alternatively,

in the same fabric it is possible to opt for a trolley, also in tartan , comfortable and at the same time more spacious, for those who do not want to give up carrying an extra sweater.

Cities and villages of art in Italy

Staying in Italy is always an excellent choice, especially for those who have little time and prefer to travel by train or car rather than by plane. The best-known cities of art such as Florence and Venice are flanked by small villages and lesser-known but highly attractive cities, such as Orvieto, Treviso or Verona, each with its own special charm.

What to pack?

The wardrobe for this type of trip will have to adapt to the climate of the chosen destination, but in general you will need a more or less light jacket , from a padded gilet to this field jacket , ideal for half-times, versatile trousers like these in cotton garbardine with 5 pockets and a versatile zip cardigan , perfect to be worn both day and night.

The train allows you to travel comfortably without sacrificing style , choosing luggage with no space limits, like this elegant navy blue trolley with dark brown leather inserts, to match, for those who have a longer stay in mind than a simple weekend, to the coordinated canvas bag .

Which destination will you choose for your autumn trip?

We are waiting for you on for shopping!

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