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Le Idee Regalo e gli Outfit per le Feste

Gift Ideas and Outfits for the Holidays

Christmas is approaching and with it the time to give and receive the long-awaited gifts, to give away and show off elegant, useful and unforgettable garments and accessories. Discover our Gift Guide

Spada Roma has created a small Gift Guide for you , to be used to choose Christmas gifts to buy for your loved ones but also to find inspiration for holiday outfits .

Enter the world of Spada Roma and discover with us timeless gift ideas and outfit proposals with a timeless charm.

Rome Sword Gift Ideas

A gift is not only a gesture that makes the recipient happy, but also a way to show our personality to those we love.

The perfect gift should be chosen according to these two criteria:

  • whoever does it must like it
  • it must please the recipient

How not to be wrong?

By choosing a garment or an accessory from our Gift Guide : Spada Roma offers stylish gift ideas, suitable for all tastes , all ages and budgets.

For traditionalists , what could be better than giving a nice sweater for Christmas?

Alongside traditional sweaters , for Christmas, Spada Roma offers themed sweaters with the words Merry Christmas, perfect for showing off during lunches and dinners with family or friends, to make the atmosphere even more festive!

Discover our Christmas jumper here , available in 4 colours.

The astonishing idea: the thickly woven turtleneck with braids , one of the season's trends, available in various colours.

A shirt is also a great traditional gift idea. Spada Roma offers a wide selection of plain-coloured, striped shirts or, new in this season, the denim shirt , for those who don't want to give up on surprising with a classic gift that becomes trendy.

Another Christmas present par excellence are the stockings , to choose from in a varied proposal, which combines the more classic striped and polka dot models with more irreverent and likeable models, characterized by designs with Christmas subjects and cuckoo clocks .

The winning idea: create your personalized box of socks and choose one of each type!

Finally, how can we fail to mention what is perhaps the most welcome gift to find under the tree: pajamas . Spada Roma pajamas are elegant, comfortable and warm: a perfect gift idea, even better if combined with a pair of fabric moccasin slippers , for those who don't give up on style even when it's time to go to bed.

Accessories lovers will find many gift ideas in our gift guide: from the timeless, such as leather gloves and key rings , to the typically winter ones, such as patterned pashminas and hats, from the traditional cashmere cap to the flat cap , up to the most luxurious, such as a bottle of perfume or a pair of cufflinks .

Are you undecided?

Buy a gift card and let the recipient choose his gift.

On Spada Roma it's really impossible to get a wrong gift!

Spada Rome Party Outfits

Once you have chosen the gifts for your loved ones, it's time to take care of yourself and your outfit for the holidays : Spada Roma is once again by your side with many proposals suitable for every occasion and our style advice.

The party outfit must certainly be different from the usual, to amaze and communicate joy, but at the same time it must be sober and suitable for the occasion.

Christmas sweaters and velvet chinos are the right choice for a fun and informal outfit, perfect for family celebrations . Those who love comfort but don't want to give up on elegance can opt for a pair of joggers , to be combined with a warm and trendy cardigan with braids .

Even the total denim look , with trousers and shirt , all in jeans, is a choice that won't go unnoticed for family parties.

Those who prefer a more sober and traditional look can opt for the classic combination of wool trousers, shirt and sweater, letting colored socks or a jacket in a particular color, like this green blazer , give a festive touch to the outfit.

For a corporate party or in any case more formal it will be necessary to opt for a suit. Better to avoid black at Christmas and prefer a beautiful blue, to choose from your favorite shade, from midnight blue to cobalt blue . Depending on the degree of formality of the event, themed socks are allowed, rigorously in the same color, or a silk tie in a brighter shade, which breaks up the monotony.

To complete the indispensable look, a coat , a nice pair of leather gloves and a scarf , even with a pattern, to give a touch of color to even the most formal party outfit.

We are waiting for you for your Christmas shopping on 

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